Bourbon Selections

  • Eagle Rare

    90 Proof| Aged 10 years  Dry oaky flavor with notes of candied almonds and very rich cocoa
    Color: Golden Amber

  • Maker's Mark

    90 Proof| Aged 6 years. Forward finish, with flavors of sweet fruit and vanilla
    Color: Bright deep Amber

  • Maker's 46

    94 Proof| Aged to Maurity in Oak Staves. Rich, creamy caramel & vanilla, very soft on the finish for a 94 proof bourbon. Color: Dark Amber

  • Knob Creek

    100 proof | Aged 9 years. Rich, sweet, full bodied
    Color: Copper to meduim Amber

  • Basil Hayden's

    80 Proof | Aged 8 years. Spicy, mellow, sweet, light-bodied.
    Color: Golden Amber

  • Woodford Reserve

    90 proof aged 8 years. Complex hints of mint, tobacco, leather, fruit, toffee and spice notes abound. Color: Sharp, brilliant dark honey Amber.

  • Wild Turkey

    101 Proof. Aged 2 years. Has a sweet taste of peaches, chocolate and caramel. Color; Dark Amber.

  • Jim Beam

    80 proof. Aged 4 years. Toffee flavors with complimentsof oak and vanilla. 
    Color: Golden Amber

  • Jim Beam Black

    86 Proof. Aged 8 years. Spice, vanilla, caramel, mellow bodied.
    Color: Dark Amber

  • Jim Beam (Devil's cut)

    90 proof. Aged 6 years. Rich concentrated notes of wood bourbon and vanilla with a bold intense taste. Color: Rich Amber

  • Red Stag (Jim Beam)

    90 Proof. Aged 6 years. Rich fruit infused with natural black cherry
    Color: Amber

  • Buffalo Trance

    90 Proof. Aged 8 years. Complex aromas of vanilla, mint and molasses, pleasantly sweet. Notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak, toffee, dark fruit and anise. Finishes long and smooth. Color; Deep Amber

  • Jack Daniel's

    80 Proof. Not age specific. Flavors of vanilla, toasted oak, fresh brewed coffee, nuts andEnglish toffee.

  • Gentlemen Jack

    80 Proof. Not age specific. Gentle aromas of caramel, vanilla and butterscotch