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                                                    Friday  December 14th   Kenny Krew

                                                   Saturday  December 15th   Greg Sansone

                                                       Friday  December 21st   Johnny Dee

                                                 Saturday  December 22nd   Kenny Krew

                                                        Friday  December 28th   Kenny Krew

                                                 MR BILLS HOLIDAY MEAL PACKAGES

                                                                                                             Pick up on Christmas Eve

                                                          Your choice of prime rib, roast turkey, or honey ham

                                                          Includes ... gravy, stuffing, mashed potato, green bean casserole,                                                                                       dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and apple pie    

                                          feed  5-7   $79.99 (turkey or ham)                   feed  9-11 119.99 (turkey or ham)        feed  13-16 149.99 (turkey or ham)

                                       Prime Rib Meals   $25.00 per person (minimum of 4)


                                                 NEW YEARS EVE DINNER MENU

                                     Entrees include soup or salad and potato or pasta

                                                     Surf and Turf with Filet Mignon OR Prime Rib 58.95

                                                                                  Prime Rib Full 24.75   King 30.75

                                                                                  New York Strip Steak 29.25

                                                                                   Filet Mignon 24.95

                                                                                         Lobster Tail 36.95

                                                                                    Bourbon Salmon 22.95

                                                                                           Broiled Fish 19.95

                                                                                         Breaded Shrimp 17.25

                                                                                           Shrimp Scampi 20.95

                                                                                           Center Cut Pork Chops 19.75

                                                                                            Chicken OR Veal Parmesan 19.95

                                                                                                  Chicken Marsala 19.25

                                                                                                       Chicken Cordon Bleu 17.95